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Date: October 2015

  • The Project
    A short horror film directed by Veemsen Lama. Synopsis - A filmmaker discovers her vintage camera has a strange ability to see things...
  • My Role
    Editor Colourist
  • Software Used
    Avid Media Composer Nucoda
Before After
Colour Grading (R3D 5k) For this horror film, the director, DOP, and I wanted the look to be dark and uneasy. For the point-of-view shots through the old camera, the director wanted blue to emulate the look of a Super 8 camera. We weren't a fan of using blue for the bedroom, so decided on a more turquoise/green while maintaining warm skin tones.
VFX Composition As the director wanted these shots to look like the actress is looking through the super 8 camera, I looked online for the types of viewfinders the cameras had and designed this. I also changed the size and blurred the edges to help convey the film look.